Bangalore Water Treatment Effluent Treatment Plant Constructors in Bengaluru
Effluent Treatment Plant Constructors in Bengaluru

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The sewage treatment plant receives raw domestic sewage and some industrial effluent which contains many toxic chemicals. The most common is ammonia (NH3), which is usually found in very high concentrations. The levels of toxic substances are significantly increased by the anaerobic conditions (covered later) in the network of pipes transporting the raw sewage to the plant. These plant in Bengaluru carries out the necessary treatment process to produce water which is safe for direct discharge into the river or sea.

The basis of sewage treatment in the vast majority of treatment plants is enhanced natural biological action and rarely, chemical treatment. By providing optimum conditions, raw sewage is broken down to non-toxic substances by the action of micro-organisms. Chemical treatment is both expensive and impractical for most applications, due to the large volumes and relativity large dilutions involved. Normally it is only considered when dealing with industrial effluents in high concentrations

Reecon Aqua Green Technologies Pvt.Ltd
Industrial Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers, BIO GAS WASTE ENERGY PLANTS MANUFACTURERS, Industrial Machine....
Preserving India's Natural Beauty: Sustainable Wastewater Treatment for the Granite Industry, Revolutionizing Water Management in Bengaluru with Advanced Nanotechnology, Fully automatic plant and machinery for manufacture of straw from organic leafy material, Fully automatic oxygen gas plants are available of different models from Reecon Aqua Green Technologies PVT. LTD, CARBON NEUTRAL BIOGAS PLANT MANUFACTURING COMPANY -REECON AQUA GREEN TECHNOLOGIES, PID CONTROL SYSTEM FROM REECON AQUA GREEN TECHNOLOGIES, BANGALORE,

Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants manufacturers in Bangalore Views : 42573

Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants manufacturers in Bangalore
Reecon Aqua Green Technologies - Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants manufacturers in Bangalore

Recons AEWAR technology is one of the advanced technology for the industrial waste water. Complete re-use of the treated effluent for process application, with AEWAR technology. In this Advanced Electro Wave Recovery process, oils, grease, colour, smell, minerals and total dissolved solids can be reduced from all types of effluents. There is no chemical consumption and the plant operation is fully automatic.

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Reecon Aqua Green Technologies Pvt Ltd - Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Bangalore. We are faithful towards delivering the best customer experience by providing most valuable solutions in meeting water and environmental needs through the innovational products and services. We want to emerge as the most preferred solution provider in the water treatment area by making positive contributions to industry, society and the environment.

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Biological/chemical waste water treatment reduces the solved and unresolved pollutants existing in the waste water. These are to be regained in the sewage sludge at the end of the water treatment.The sludge treatment is necessary to reduce and to amliorate the sludges, which are produced within the biological wastewater treatment.Reecon's Professional team and builders helps to remove any impurities wheather its chemical or biological hazardous material.

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Process automation systems/plant automation are preferred by most of the industry for the easy and smooth function of the plant or process. Automation avoids human intervention, operational inefficiency and unsafe operating conditions. 

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Reecon Aqua Green Technologies are the Leading and efficient Biogas Plant Builders in Bengaluru

With latest technology biomass can be used for the production of Bio CNG. Biomass plant capacity of 50TPD of starting capacity is ideal for this. The processed biomass is cleaned and purified to meet the standards of government for supply as Bio CNG. As per the government notification government will purchase the Bio CNG at the present fixed price of Rs.46/kg. The pay back of this project is very attractive.

Fully automatic waste water treatment with PLC and HMI control - Project in Kerala Views : 39576

Biogas purification Plant Manufacturers Bangalore, India - Reecon Aqua Green Technologies Views : 36247

Biogas purification Plant Manufacturers Bangalore, India - Reecon Aqua Green Technologies | Biogas plant, Biogas purification, Biogas engines, Green energy

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