Bangalore Water Treatment Poultry-Slaughter Waste Disposal Service
Poultry-Slaughter Waste Disposal Service

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Poultry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the agricultural sector in India today. As crop production alone may not solve the food difficulty of the fast-growing population of the country. The poultry production has been the appropriate answer for the fulfillment of requirements of a balanced diet. India is now the world's third-largest egg producer, fourth-largest producer of chicken and fifth in poultry meat production. In India Poultry meat, contributes 47.05 percent of total Meat production. As the poultry industry expanding its wings, it’s also increasing the challenges to properly manage the waste produced from it. It was stated that if waste must be transported to a disposal site, it must be placed in sealed containers to prevent spillage. Globally, an excess of 90% of poultry waste is spread on land close to the poultry farms. The poultry industry produces large amounts of solid waste like bedding material, excreta, feed, feathers, hatchery waste, mortality waste and wastewater like faeces, urine, sawdust, remnants of drugs pesticides, disinfection of chicken houses and abattoirs. Poultry manure contains high phosphorus which has a positive effect on the growth and productivity of crops.Thats where these companies appears to be saviours.

Reecon Aqua Green Technologies Pvt.Ltd
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Preserving India's Natural Beauty: Sustainable Wastewater Treatment for the Granite Industry, Revolutionizing Water Management in Bengaluru with Advanced Nanotechnology, Fully automatic plant and machinery for manufacture of straw from organic leafy material, Fully automatic oxygen gas plants are available of different models from Reecon Aqua Green Technologies PVT. LTD, CARBON NEUTRAL BIOGAS PLANT MANUFACTURING COMPANY -REECON AQUA GREEN TECHNOLOGIES, PID CONTROL SYSTEM FROM REECON AQUA GREEN TECHNOLOGIES, BANGALORE,

Bio Gass Plant Manufacturer in Bangalore Views : 19978

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All types of solid waste can be processed in REECON’S solid waste processing plant. Food Waste, Market Waste, Food Processing Waste, Sewage Sludge etc can be processed in this machine. It converts organic solid waste to quality manure.

SOLID WASTE PROCESSING PLANT - Manufacturers Reecon Aqua Green Technologies

Fully automatic waste water treatment with PLC and HMI control - Project in Kerala Views : 43967

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Biogas Plant Builders in Bengaluru
Biogas in India is being produced using degradable organic waste like cattle dung , poultry waste, kitchen waste etc as raw material. The waste generated is also used as bio-fertilizer.The compressed Biogas can be used as substitute not only for LPG but also for electricity generation, transportation, etc. Bio-fertilizer increases the natural fertility of the soil with its high macro & micro nutrients content and also give benefits to the farmers with its easy to applied application.

Reecon Aqua Green Technologies are the Leading and efficient Biogas Plant Builders in Bangalore

Oxygenation and Carbon Dioxide removal from Waste Water Views : 41726

Oxygenation and Carbon Dioxide removal from Waste Water is the major process in which aeration is done to water for helping aquatic breeding for the long term cultivation.

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Industrial Machine Makers in Bengaluru
Reecon Aqua Green Technologies Pvt. Ltd - Industrial Machine Makers in Bengaluru is an Engineering Services Company Providing Industrial Automation, Robotics & Services Providing Company.

We are complete of delivering projects & services from conceptualizing to the start of production.

Chemical and Biological Sludge Treatment Views : 45665

Biological/chemical waste water treatment reduces the solved and unresolved pollutants existing in the waste water. These are to be regained in the sewage sludge at the end of the water treatment.The sludge treatment is necessary to reduce and to amliorate the sludges, which are produced within the biological wastewater treatment.Reecon's Professional team and builders helps to remove any impurities wheather its chemical or biological hazardous material.

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