Bangalore Water Treatment Waste Water Treatment Service in Bengaluru
Waste Water Treatment Service in Bengaluru

 WasteWater Treatment Service providers  in Bengaluru

Pharmaceutical Water Disinfection through Ozone -

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Pharmaceutical Water Disinfection, Raw Water Disinfection, Portable Water Disinfection, Pharmaceutical Water Disinfection through Ozone

Wastewater Treatment Plant from NET SERVICES

WATER TREATMENT Backed by our immense industry experience, we deal in the manufacturing and supplying of Water Treatment Plant.

By utilizing modern machines and latest equipment, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying an exclusive range of Waste Water Treatment Plant in Bangalore

Sewage Treatment Plant

Are you planning to set up a new Sewage Treatment Plant and do not know what is the most effective solution!
Sewage Treatment with easySTP- STP 2.0, Leading Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer.
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WasteWater Treatment Service in Bangalore

Sepcon Systems Bangalore is a specialist in providing solutions and process systems for the treatment of water, wastewater, ultra-pure water and environmental engineering. We bring together innovation and experience.

WasteWater Treatment Service in Bengaluru

We complain about the muck that our cities are mired in, often forgetting that it is us who generate it – untreated sewage from households is the biggest source of water pollution in Bangalore. In many cases, neither households nor municipalities have adequate systems to treat and release/reuse it appropriately. Of the freshwater we use in a household, about 80% becomes wastewater. This wastewater is broadly of two types – greywater and blackwater. Greywater is simply soapy water, i.e., water from bathrooms, washing machines, etc. The key contaminants in greywater are phosphates and foaming agents from soaps and detergents. Blackwater is wastewater from toilets and kitchens, that has organic content. It contains nitrates, pathogens, carbonaceous matter from our urine and fecal matter, and also chemicals used in toilet cleaning. Since greywater contains fewer pathogens than blackwater, by removing the phosphates and foaming agents it is easier to treat and reuse. It is where these companies in Bangalore plays a vital role. 

Reecon Aqua Green Technologies PVT. LTD
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NetSol Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd
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ENVICARE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD - Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP), Reverse Osmosis Plants, Oil Skimmers, HDPE / PP Piping, FRP Lini

Biogas plant manufacturers in Bangalore

SKf Vulcan
SKf Vulcan is a well-established wastewater treatment company backed by decades of experience with mineral water plant sectors Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Manufacturer| Wastewater Treatment Systems

AquaTechEnviroEngineers Conventional Extended Aeration Activated Sludge Process Chemical Treatment Methods for Industrial Effluents Sequential Batch Reactor Rotating Biological Contractors Wetland T

SEPCON SYSTEMS PVT. LTD Industrial water treatment needs for process consumption and effluent treatment and recycle is an area that requires specific expertise and knowlegde and we at Sepcon Systems


Gamata Biogreenery
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Sankalp Enterprises
Sankalp Enterprises Sankalp Enterprises is a Bangalore based Organization deals with water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Plants, Sewage, Effluent, USP Pharma Grade and Water Softener – Bangalore Wate

Indus EcoWater Pvt. ltd.
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Waste Water Recycling in Bengaluru

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