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India's Leading Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer- Bangalore

STP, prefabricated STP, Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant, Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant Hyderabad, Prefabricated Sewage Treatment manufacturer, PFSTP, 25 KLD, 50 KLD, 100 KLD, Modular STP

We guarantee that our Sewage Treatment Plants are technologically most advanced, user friendly and has lowest possible capital and operating cost. We provide timely after sales service. Our break down support technical support is just a phone call away.

Akruthi Enviro Solutions Pvt.Ltd | Bangalore

Akruthi Enviro Solutions Pvt.Ltd was established with an aim to tackle the dwindling water and energy issues with world-class technologies that will transform the way water is utilized.

AUGA TECH PVT LTD, AUGA TECH PVT LTD - Water Treatment Bangalore.

We at AugaTech, Bangalore offer total water solutions for every market - household, institutional, commercial, industrial and public water supplies, urban and rural.

Customised Design
Innovative System Development, Latest Technology, Meeting Pollution Control Board,
Turnkey Project Execution, Zero Liquid Discharge Scheme, Zero Hazardous Chemical
Heavy Metal removing Scheme. Water Treatment Bangalore. 

Reecon Aqua Green Technologies Pvt Ltd

Effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, Bio CNG production, Bio CNG projects, Bio gas plants & Projects
Biogas purification and bottling, Biogas storage and electricity production, Chemical & Biological sludge treatment,
Electro coagulation, Green energy projects, Industrial waste water treatment plants, Industrial water treatment plants
Low cost sewage treatment plant, Low cost sludge handling equipments, Nano technology for waste water recycling, Packaged waste water treatment plant, Pollution control equipments, Pyrolysis of biomass, Re use of effluent, Reduction of total dissolved solids from effluent, Removal of metallic impurities from effluent, Removal of oil & fats from waste water,
Removal of organic pollutants from waste water, Removal of suspended solids from effluent, Sewage treatment plants, Sludge dewatering technology, Sludge handling, Sludge handling equipments, Sludge removal, waste disposal and handling, Waste disposal and management, Waste water management, Waste water recycling

We execute our projects All over India and Abroad. We have successfully completed the projects in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and many other states in India

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