Promote Your Business
Ocat Content Marketing Platform(CMP)

Ocat builds a Content  marketing platform (CMP) for Creating, publishing & Distributing promotional content.

Banner advertisements Designing
Content development related to services / Products to promote

Publishing online catalog
Publishing advertisements and related text content
Search engine optimization


Online catalog content will be distributed through Search engine optimized web pages, Business Circle(Referral Network) and Social Media

‘search keyword optimized’ category pages
Social media Pages / Groups / Accounts
Business Circle (Referral network)
News / Articles
Local business Directory pages
Live Report

Ocat Digital Marketing Service

Ocat digital marketing is a cost-effective online marketing service which uses online advertising and content marketing services. Online catalog will be developed and distributed through search engine optimised web pages, Social media & referral networks to promote a business for one year.

An Online catalogue is nothing but a content marketing platform which  will be configured to perform online marketing activities in a systematic and cost-effective way.


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