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Ocat DMS
Posted On: 10/05/20 12:31
Ocat Digital Marketing service India


Ocat Digital Marketing service India

Ocat is a cost effective Digital Marketing System which is used to provide Online Marketing Service for a Business. Online Advertisements will be promoted through  Content Marketing, Search engine Engines, Referral network,Online Catalog & Sociasl media. 


Business information  will be organized as Online Catalog, Business Blog, Online Advertisements in Ocat Digital Marketing  Channel which will be distributed through Search engine, Referral network & Social media.

Steps involved in Online Marketing Channel

1). Connecting a Domain or Subdomain of your business to Ocat Digital Marketing System

2. Online Advertisements will created in Ocat Marketing System

2). We design Online catalog pages with detailed information about your products and services.

3). We perform SEO in each catalog page

4). We develop Internal  content marketing pages to distribute the catalog

5).We develop External Content marketing Pages to distribute the catalog

5). Catalog pages will be distributed through social media account

6). We develop your referral network to distribute online catalog

7. Business Blog will be created as part of Online Marketing Channel. Blog Post will be distributed through  Search engines, referral network and Social media



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