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Posted On: 14/09/19 13:33
Online Catalogue Marketing through Social media & Search engines


An electronic catalogue is an online publication, that is to say a graphic interface - generally an html page in which the products and services offered by a company are shown.

Online Catalog Features

We design unique online catalog for your Products and services. Online catalog will be distributed through Search engines, Social media & Referral Network.


In present-day economic climate, when the budgets aimed for traditional marketing are under pressure, online catalogs come in to raise the performance!

Online catalog is a part of Ocat Content marketing platform which is used to perform the Content marketing service.



Advantages of Online Catalog

 We organize your business-related information like products, services, FAQ, finished projects & other details to develop the content for online promotion. The online catalog will be distributed through search engines, social media, content marketing pages and Referral Networks / Business Circle.

Having an online catalog is compulsory for any business that wants to expand their sales, but it also brings many advantages:

a). Cost savings (cheaper to maintain than paper)

b). Faster launch times

c). No limits on space or materials for the catalog

d). Customer Behavior Analysis

e). Distribution across multiple sales channels and social networks

f). Potential for wider audiences and new markets

g). Interactivity with the user

h). More agile and effective customer service

I). Instant catalog fixes

j). Marketing that’s more omnichannel and flexible

k). Content for  social media marketing

l). Search engine optimization


Online catalog is a part of Ocat Content marketing platform which is used to perform the Content marketing service.


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