Creating Dedicated Online Advertising Channel for your Business

What we do

1. We create an Ocat Online Advertising Channel for your Business

2. Business Related information will be published as Online Advertisements in Advertising Channel

3. Online Advertisements will be distributed in Organic Search Engine's results (Search engine Optimization)

4. Advertisements will be distributed as Social media Share Links

5. Advertisements will be distributed through Ocat Content Marketing platform

6. Advertisements will be distributed through referral networks

7. Advertisements will be distributed through the Ocat Content Marketing platform

8. Online advertisements will be distributed through virtual Business Cards

9. Online Catalog will be configured in Marketing Channel. Catalog link will be shared with every advertisement

10. Selected Advertisements will be promoted through social media Paid campaign


Samples of Online Advertisements  in Online Advertising Channels

For the demo purpose, an advertisement link from a few Online Marketing channels is listed here

Advt :


Advt :




Advt :



Advt :


Advt :


Online Advertisements Status

Online Advertisements from advertising channels will be distributed through Organic Search Results of different Search engines, Social Media, Ocat Content Marketing platform, Online Catalog, Virtual Business Cards & Referral Networks

Online Advertising Channel Report will be available in footer of each advertisements as 'Ocat Stus' Link 



Creating Online Advertising Channel using Ocat Digital Marketing System


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