OCAT Online Catalog Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is OCAT Online Catalog?

Like a Pamphlet /Flyer or Notices related to a business is created and being distributed along with newspaper or via postal or any other means, OCAT creates online catalog which includes different types of advertisements about the products and services of a business and distributes through the web pages of different companies.

In addition, the catalog is also distributed free of charge via social media, search engines and local web directories.


Basically, the OCAT‌ Online Catalog is a web-based service that contains the ads needed to promote a business online.


2. What is meant by OCAT‌ Online Catalog Marketing?

It’s a continuous process of distributing the ads contained in the online catalog for free of charge through search engines, web pages of different companies, local web directories, and social media.


3. Why should a business that uses a website use an online catalog?

In general, to get a website to the people one need use paid advertisements. But the online catalog reaches people for free in several ways, like through other websites, social media, search engines and local web directories and which can have unlimited number of different types of advertisements.

Website link can be given in advertisements included in the online catalog. Often the link from the ads can be set to the website as well, which helps to generate a bidirectional traffic between website and online catalog.


Information about a business is officially available in the website. The online catalog contains advertisements that describe the products and services of a business.


4. What are the main differences between a website and the OCAT‌ online catalog?

Advertising or other marketing methods (visiting card, email link, SEO, SMS) will not be able to organically bring users to a website. But the ads that are added to the OCAT online catalog are spread through the web pages of the targeted companies.

Ads in online catalog are disseminated through local web directories.

It can be distributed through social media using the content marketing method.

All ads in the online catalog can be optimized according to specific keywords and distributed thorough search engines.


5. Is it possible to get more visitors to the website using the Ocat‌ Online Catalog?

Yes, Incorporating a business website link into different online ads can help you to gain more visitors and enhance the authenticity of the ads. It is also possible to create the required backlinks to improve the visibility of the web page in search engines.


6. Can an online catalog be used as website?

Yes, if you do not have any other website, you can use the Online Catalog as website by adding required pages through OCAT digital marketing system.

7. Is shopping cart can be enabled in the OCAT online catalog? And which payment gateway is used?

Yes, the shopping cart can be enabled under a special license in the online catalog. By default, Instamojo payment gateway is provided. It is also possible to configure other online payment gateways based on the requirement.


8. Can Entrepreneurs publish new ads In the Online Catalog? How many ads can be published?

The solution provider who manages your online catalog creates an online catalog of online advertisements based on services and products. In addition, the entrepreneurs have an online application that allows users to easily create new ads. Entrepreneurs can publish unlimited number of advertisements.

9. Is it possible to publish an article as part of online catalog to implement content marketing?

The required article can be published and distributed through the ocat application used to manage the online catalog.


10. How does an online catalog reach people?

The online catalog is distributed through search engines, other companies' web pages, local web directories, and social media channels.


11. What are the benefits to a company of using the OCAT‌ online catalog?

It helps to increase sales by making information about a business available to the people in the area where it is intended to be marketed as online advertisements.

An online catalog is an index of a group of business-related ads, which is distributed free of charge through various websites.

Organic Google Search can include catalog pages free of charge according to keywords of interest.

Catalog pages can be used as an online post on social media like Facebook.

Distributes the online catalog free of charge through the local web directory pages associated with the OCAT‌ platform.


12. What does the name OCAT mean?

OCAT is an acronym for Online Catalog. The online catalog is abbreviated as Okat‌.


13. What is the main difference between commonly used online advertising and online catalog distribution?

We often see ads based on an image / link / video in any news portal or web directory. Only that ad will only be available to those who visit that web page.

But the online catalog is a bunch of ads about a business. When it is distributed, the target pages contain more than one ad.

Ads are available without the targeted web pages because each ad has a specific address.

Web pages that point to each ad are available on the search engine.


14. Is SSL Security used in OCAT online catalog?

Yes, SSL Security is used for all ads in the online catalog created for a business.


15. Is the OCAT Online Catalog Marketing Report Available? If so, what information is included?

Yes, OCAT Live Report or Online Catalog Status is included in the footer of all online catalogs, which contains detailed information like,
Number of flyer visitors associated with the online catalog.
List of ads in the online catalog
Number of visitors per ad.
Web page addresses and viewers of different companies to which the catalog is distributed
Local web directories where the online catalog is distributed and the number of visitors to them
Article links published on the OCAT‌ platform number of visitors.


16. Is it possible to select a specific ad in the catalog and deliver it to specific people at a location via social media?

Any advertisement in Catalog can be delivered to specific set of people using social media paid ads


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